Baby photography ideas – My little princess, Literally!

Baby Princess Prop Crown Photography on Pinterest

Hey a princess gotta sleep too you know!

Source of the image.
Original source of the image.

We know your baby is your little princess – why not take it a bit literally with a crown prop? A nifty little light weight crown prop can be made out of lace or patterned paper mache is what we have in mind. It’s a popular prop for baby photography.

Our baby photography tip – Since placing the baby crown props require a bit of balance, its best done when your little princess is sleeping, because otherwise the crown won’t stay there for long Have an idea of how you would like the crown to ‘sit’ on the head, and match the circumference of the crown accordingly. A smaller crown can be placed upright on the head (the portion of the head facing upwards) or a larger crown can be placed tilted. The placement of the crown depends on the angle at which the baby is sleeping.

Photo printing ideas – This is a classy baby photo concept therefore the color tones can be subtle and soft. This is best suited for a fine art photo print.

Stock photo idea – The princess crown prop baby photo idea can potentially be used as stock photography by companies trying to showcase how their baby products are good enough to literally treat your baby like a princess.

Baby Princess Crown Prop Photography on Pinterest

One crown for everyday!

Source of the image.
Original source of the image.

A set of good examples of the baby crowns is shown and a small crown that can be propped up upright on the baby’s tiny head.


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