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Juliana Costa’s got some more cute baby photos in her collection.
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You can also visit our pinterest collection for many more handpicked baby photography ideas.

Baby Photography on Pinterest

Use mirrors for a beautiful reflection of your lovely baby

Simple isn’t it – the only tough part is to get a mirror as the prop. Laying the baby boy or girl on the mirror means you can add depth and dimension to the photo using the reflection. Find a perfect mirror for a perfect reflection, without any irregularities.  If you can’t find a mirror that fits the criteria you could go for a post photography edit – you can find tutorials to get the reflection for the photo.  One trick could be to simply use your household mirror. The babies are so small that they fit perfectly within the mirror. Use your camera’s focus and zoom (or crop the photo after taking it) so that any border to the mirror is avoided.

Our tip – Use a plain background for the photo, so that the border between the baby and the baby’s reflection is very thin and not very visible easily. You could then easily remove the border using a bit of post photography editing. With the plain background it would be easy to remove.

Photo printing ideas – A nice glass framed fine art print would look lovely on your wall. The reflective quality of the glass adds to the reflective concept in the photograph. A smaller version could be used for a personalized photo card or greeting/invitation card – the plain space leaves adequate area for captions, messages or embellishments.

Stock photography ideas – Concepts like twins, pristine-ness can be the theme of stock photography using this picture. This is of course in addition to the obvious concept like babies. A black and white version would also be great.

Baby Photography on Pinterest

Palm of your little one with parents'

Baby Photography on Pinterest

Photo of parents holding their cuties


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